A science-informed introduction to matrescence and the brain

2 PhD-qualified neuroscientists, psychotherapists and mothers


65 mins of science-backed information


An informed you, so you can thrive in motherhood

ONLY $59 (AUD)


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Dr Jodi Pawluski, PhD, HDR, PMH-C

will teach you

  • What mommy brain or baby brain is really all about.
  • How the brain physically changes during pregnancy and postpartum and why this is important.
  • Whether these brain changes are unique to mothers.
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Dr Jennifer Hacker Pearson, PhD

will teach you

  • What matrescence is, how it may manifest in your life and why your matrescence experience is unique.
  • How the brain changes we see in matrescence may influence your experience of matrescence.
  • How you can benefit from your brain’s neuroplasticity (it's ability to adapt in matrescence) to thrive in motherhood.


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Becoming a mother (matrescence) is a major physiological, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual transformation.

But sadly, mothers are not taught, or even told, about matrescence, and how it changes us. And so it catches many mothers off-guard leading to stress, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, overwhelm and worry.

This doesn’t need to happen!

You can feel well during matrescence, and we have science-backed information that can support your maternal brain health.

Not only will this information benefit you but it will benefit your child and your relationships with others around you.

In their work, Dr Jen and Dr Jodi have found that the more a mother understands how her brain changes during matrescence, the better she is able to increase her confidence parenting and training her motherhood brain to thrive.


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We made these presentations for YOU!

We want to empower you in matrescence by giving you basic knowledge and skills to feel more confident in motherhood and truly thrive.

Not only will this be a benefit for you, it will benefit your children and those around you.


We have a unique approach to matrescence!

This is the first mini course available that combines the knowledge and expertise of two highly trained neuroscientists to help mothers thrive in matrescence. There is nothing else like it!

In addition to being neuroscientists, we are psychotherapists and mothers who are dedicated to supporting mothers by translating the research into practical tools that you can use on your motherhood journey.

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This mini course is for any mother who wants an introduction to how a woman’s brain changes during matrescence and how this can benefit her. We also welcome fathers and all parents interested!

Please note: this is not a training for motherhood coaches and support workers.

This mini course is for you if:

- You felt surprised by the experience of matrescence.

- You want to know more about how your brain has changed now you are a mother.

- You've ever wondered if Mommy Brain/ Baby Brain is really a thing.

- You want to feel more educated about how you've changed, and learn how to thrive in motherhood.

- You're curious about how your unique neuroanatomy and psychobiosocial make-up is a blueprint for your matrescence experience.


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Dr Jodi Pawluski will present key concepts related to the following (30 minutes):

  • The science of Mommy Brain / Baby Brain
  • How your brain really changes with motherhood
  • Whether other parents have brain changes too


Dr Jennifer Hacker Pearson will explain (35 minutes):

  • What matrescence is and how it manifests
  • How the brain changes Dr Jodi discussed may affect your experience of matrescence
  • Other factors that influence your matrescence experience
  • How you can use the neuroplasticity of your motherhood brain (it’s ability to adapt to mothering) to train your brain to thrive in matrescence.
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A powerful guided meditation created by Dr Jen to help you create more mental space (you'll understand why this is iimportant in thriving in motherhood), calm, joy and fulfilment in your motherhood life.

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ONLY $59 (AUD)


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Dr Jodi Pawluski, PhD

Dr Jodi is a Behavioural Neuroscientist, Psychotherapist and Author. Her research is affiliated with the Institut de recherche en santé, environnement et travail (Irset, UMR_S 1085), a research unit of the INSERM institute, the University of Rennes, France.

For over 15 years Jodi has studied the neuroscience of motherhood and the effects of perinatal mental illness and antidepressant medications on the mother and developing offspring. Her work has been published in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals including top neuroscience journals such as JAMA Neurology and Trends in Neurosciences.

She regularly speaks nationally and internationally about her research findings as well as the fascinating effects of parenting on the brain. She is active in counseling, mentoring and advocating for improvements to perinatal mental health care and research on the parental brain.

In 2020 Dr. Pawluski started a podcast called Mommy Brain Revisited which focuses on bringing current research on the parental brain to the general public. She also recently published a book titled Mommy Brain: Discover the amazing power of the maternal brain (Demeter Press and in French at Larousse).

Dr Pawluski's work has appeared in the New York Times, Scientific American, CNN, The Boston Globe, Die Zeit, Elle, Marie Claire, to name a few. She has also talked about all things mommy brain on national radio in France (FranceInter) and BBC Radio Woman's Hour.

For more see www.jodipawluski.com

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Dr Jennifer Hacker Pearson, PhD

Dr Jen is a PhD-qualified Neuroscientist, Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Maternal Mental Wellbeing Consultant, International Speaker, Author, Host of the podcast Mama, Unleashed!, and most importantly Mother of three.

During Dr Jen’s time in medical research, she investigated the neuroplasticity* of the brain. Her work has been published in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals including top neuroscience journal, Nature Neuroscience.

Following the birth of her children, Dr Jen took leave from the lab and focused on specialist medical writing, including her best-selling book I Wish Someone Had Told Me… - unspoken truths about what really happens to women during labour, childbirth and the first few weeks of motherhood.

After a very rocky start to becoming a mum of three, within 3.5 years, Dr Jen dedicated her time to discovering how to optimise her mental wellbeing and truly thrive in motherhood, using her unique combination of knowledge in neuroscience, psychotherapy and neuroplasticity, as well as further education in the fields of matrescence**, maternal neuroscience and spirituality.

Today, Dr Jen is honoured to use her knowledge and expertise to teach mothers how to optimise their mental wellbeing. She is committed to translating the scientific research into easy language and simple tools so mothers can advocate for themselves and thrive in matrescence.

For more information and to contact Dr Jen see www.DrJen.com.au

*neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to change its structure and function to adapt

**matrescence – the transition from woman to mother

Have Questions?

We Have Answers!

How long is the mini course?

The mini course i just over 1 hour long. There are two presentations; one from Dr Jodi and one from Dr Jen. Together these run for just over 1 hour.

Is the mini course live?

This mini course is recorded so you can watch each presentation in your own time.

Is there a timeframe in which I need to complete the course?

This mini course is designed to be self-paced. That means you can take your time watching each presentation, and move on only once you feel ready.

Can I pay in my local currency?

We accept all currencies! The webinar is charged in Australian dollars, so a small conversion fee may be added to your transaction if you pay in another currency.

How do I receive the course content?

Upon purchasing the mini course you will be asked to create login details for your class portal. All content, including you bonus, will be in your class portal for you to access.

Can I share my login details?

Under the terms and conditions, you are not allowed to share your login details with anyone. Only the person who purchases the mini course can consume the content.

Can I teach your content?

In short: No. Our work is specialised and is protected under copyright law. You cannot teach what you learn in this webinar without prior approval from the presenter.



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